About US 2000/2021

As Arteknik Decorative Stone Limited, we produce cultured stone veneer and cultured brick slips under the brand Country Stone, in our production journey that we started in 2000.

Being aware of the responsibilities of being a well-established player; we share our products that are respectful to nature and supported by continuously developed production techniques, with our customers.

We are proud to be in a development that has evolved from being a leader in domestic quality in decorative stone and brick solutions, to becoming an important player internationally.


Country Stone aims to offer the best product experience in the sector with the motivation to produce permanent products with its quality. We continuously improve our cultured stone veneer and cultured brick slips production with the needs of the sector for innovations and work with the excitement of creating an exemplary brand in its field. For this purpose, we continue our R&D and investment studies without slowing down.

Country Stone attaches importance to product diversity along with the production of quality products; It manufactures in world standards with ISO 9001:2015 quality standard while continuing investment and R&D studies.

Our vision is to produce quality-oriented products that are respectful to the environment, by prioritizing approaches that bring solutions to global environmental and energy problems regarding our future, and that change industry standards.

While providing services in parallel with the 21st century consumer experiences such as healthy production, easy application and long-term use, our company puts the dynamism and happiness of its employees in the foreground. We aim to be a company that develops by adding value to its employees.