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  • The respect to the employees and customers  is the essence our conducting business ethics. We conduct our ventures with a dynamic team spirit knowing that the employee happiness is the most important factor that thrives creativity.
  •  We aim to offer a top quality shopping experience to our customers. We not only create economical aesthetical and quick solutions but also long lasting solutions.
  •  We bring further the customer satisfaction with our after sales services. We follow the customer satisfaction at every phase from taking the demand to after application.
  • Quality is our core value. We make difference with our authenticity in design and manufacturing. We meet the expectations by following the technology and keeping track of contemporary tendencies.
  •  We believe in continuous development and lifelong learning. Research and Development makes our investments technology oriented, we improve ourselves by innovation.
  • In Country Stone we operate with a perception that puts nature and natural look in the center. Our models are designed in a way that it is almost impossible to distinguish from the original and manufactured identical to the natural stones, by our expert staff.
  •  We blend our capability to prepare custom made products with our wide spectrum of products and offer an aesthetical creativity. We feel very happy to touch the living spaces of our customers with self reflecting and pleasing solutions.
  •  We have been manufacturing since day one with utmost care to human health and environment and because of that sensitivity we choose our providers accordingly.
  • We add to our unique models new brand registered series all the time in order to meet the changing customer demand.
  •  We promise top quality in our products and long trouble free usage and we reinforce this promise with the warranty periods.